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Tailored reports to suit your needs

Monthly customer impact reports - gas and electricity separately

These in-depth documents detail pressing policy, regulatory and governance issues.

Designed to your individual specification, it will give you the tools to understand what the implications of regulatory change might be for your business - and what actions you might need to take as a result.

Each customer impact report is presented in the following sections:

We aim to issue the monthly reports in the first week of the following month, and they are typicaly 15 pages.

Weekly customer updates - gas, electricity, and combined

These tailor-made publications enable you to keep up to speed on key developments within your particular segment of the energy market.

We work with you to ensure the content you receive always remains specific to your needs.

The bespoke weekly update begins with a short summary of key regulatory developments from the previous week. This includes concise summaries of live policy and regulation consultations that we consider may need a response. The update also signals new electricity and gas modifications and relevant consultation phases with summary comment on likely impacts. Each listing has key dates and web links to further information.

We aim to issue the weekly update by the following, and they are typicaly 6-8 pages.

To learn more about these publications and other products available within our policy, regulation and governance suite, Adam Boorman on 01603 604417 or via email .